Indin Gurmalk

A lonely dwarf with a penchant for coffee, he seeks to make his mark in the world through the songs of his many adventures. But someone has to SEE those adventures...


A sturdy dwarf with a thing for strong food, emotions, and hammers. Loves his friends and can’t stand the thought of harm coming to them.


Indin Gurmalk was a strange dwarf in that he value the company of others. As irony would have it, this made his fellow dwarves turn away from him, turning him into a lonely dwarf indeed.

Gurmalk left his dwarven hell to find a new kinfolk among the dwellers of the above ground, and found this to be an even less tolerant crowd. Met by jeers and hatred, he became a very lonely dwarf indeed.

Soon he found himself doing nigh on everything to be accepted by someone, anyone! This ended with him being taken advantage of more than once, losing both his money and his time to some less than savory individuals. Experiencing only coldness for his kindness, he became a very bitter dwarf indeed.

The only man to ever show him any kindness beyond his immediate usefulness was the good Professor Lorrimor and his kindly daughter Kendra. They showed him the kind of companionship that he had always craved since he very first understanding of the world. In his various tasks for the Professor, he encountered even more people who showed him a similar kindness and for a little while he was a very happy dwarf indeed.

But as things seem to go for Indin Gurmalk, everything good must end soon and abruptly. Now the good professor was dead, and Gurmalk had a feeling he was going to be a very upset dwarf.


Indin Gurmalk

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