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  • Duristan Silvio Ariesir

    A young thrill-seeking aristocrat hailing from one of Ardeal’s wealthiest families, Duristan has come to Lozeri to make a name for himself as a werewolf slayer.

  • Madame Ivanja

    An influential courtesan with ties to the Violet Widow, an infamous Courtaud brothel themed as a Pharasmin chapel, Madame Ivanja imports the most exquisite and luxurious companions for guests who request such services.

  • Delgros Kroitzcer

    Delgros Kroitzcer serves as Ascanor’s hunts master and leads the majority of hunts for the lodge’s guests. A brilliant game hunter, he prides himself of capturing aggressive and exotic animals, which he keeps in a series of subterranean pens beneath the …

  • Corvin Tergsvor

    The second son of Cervaus Tergsvor, one of Courtaud’s most influential nobles, Corvin Tergsvor is enjoying an extended stay at Ascanor.

  • Markiza Welory

    A frequent guest at the lodge, Markiza Welgory has come to Ascanor to hunt fox. Now in her early forties, the Markiza is married to an older, quite wealthy husband, though at this point their marriage is chiefly a business proposition. The Markiza arrived …

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