Vladislav Van Hoosing *RIP*

The Magic Using Dhampir


Vladislav was born from his mother, who was given to a vampire attacking a small village. The vampire (Vladislav’s father) was threatening to burn the village down and feat upon everyone, but bargained for their lives for a wife. The resulting children birthed were Vladislav and Vladmir a.k.a. The Brothers Vlad

He was brought up by this wizard, being taught that magic controls the fate of all living things and the planet itself. Naturally with his father being very infamous for all of his murder and pillaging, his luck caught up with him and he was eventually killed by mercenaries hunting him. The Brothers Vlad were spared, and were able to live a normal life by the mercy of said mercenaries.

He spent his later years studying magic and learning everything he could about it in order to beneift himself, and his now cursed Oracle brother. He became friends with a fellow scholar, Petros Lorrimor, when he was still a young aspiring man. They studied for quite a while, and Vladislav believed that Petros was just a bit to righteous for his beliefs and thought they were growing apart. All of this was unbeknownst to Petros and he considered them great friends until the day they finally parted ways for their adult lives. Vladislav spent his years into older adulthood a scholar more than anything, and less adventuring and fighting. While he’s never been opposed to conflict, due to his upbringing, it’s never been a strong suit.

He won’t stop until he finally becomes the smartest and most powerful magic user he can find.

Vladislav Van Hoosing *RIP*

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