Vladimir Van Hoosing

The Other Magic Using Dhampir


Vladimir van Hoosing grew up under the tutelage of his father, and trained to be a dhampir warrior. However, shortly before the death of his father, Vladimir was cursed by the gods with mystical powers, and a stubborn compulsion to help those in need of it. As a result of this curse, Vladimir abandoned his warrior training, which he was never fond of, and devoted himself to studying his newfound power.

Naturally, this led him to cross paths with Petros Lorrimor, who was heavily involved with studying oracles. He has a strong bond with his brother, Vladislav, though they often don’t see eye-to-eye on most issues. Over the years, Vladimir has come to embrace the powers that he was granted, though the curse of helping people whenever they ask for it has led to more than one problem over the years, something that Vladislav is very quick to remind him of. Vladimir usually keeps to himself these days, and is generally distrusting of people as a result of being taken advantage of for his powers. Those who do grow close to Vladimir can usually expect a firm devotion like no other, though.

Vladimir Van Hoosing

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