Neri Rera

Halfling Rouge. Check your pockets.


With a mother that worked the brothels and father that disappeared a few years after her birth, Neri grew up a kid of the slums. Growing up in the slums taught Neri the ins and outs of living the life of a rogue, fighting, stealing, deception, sexual encounters were all on the table to keep Neri alive. Eventually one night a mysterious professor made his way through the slums, Neri, thinking it would be an easy pickpocket, made her way toward him as quiet as possible. As soon as she got her hand in his pocket, the professor snapped around, grabbing her hand and holding her in the air. Neri, thinking of what prison time she may face, was shocked to hear the professor offered her a job protecting a dig site he was about to be off too.

Apparently the professor had actually been watching her from a distance for a bit of time and was impressed her stealth and fighting skills. He needed someone with these skills on the dig site to counteract any thieves that may come trying to make some serious cash on his finds. Of course, there was quite the gold offer Neri could not pass up, so she took the job.

After the job was finished, Neri lost touch with the professor returned to stealing. Eventually, a letter appeared for Neri. It summoned Neri to the office of the professor, as he had recently passed and named Neri in his will. Thinking there maybe some nice gold to be made, Neri set off the first thing next morning.

Neri Rera

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