Keven Glasschief *RIP*

Dwarven Archer


Keven Glasschief comes from the city of Kraggodan in the Mindspin Mountains. His father, Rogar was a famous craftsman who specialized in making items out of glass. Forging items out of glass was a skill that has been passed down through the Glasschief family for generations. People would come from all over the city to watch as Rogar made beautiful cups, jewelry, pieces of art, and weapons out of glass. His work secured a small fortune for the Glasschief family.

Keven’s mother, Ingra, was a Guardian, tasked with helping defend the city. She specialized in using a bow. From a very young age Keven was trained by his mother how to use a bow.

One day, young Keven was wandering the streets of the city, he came across a group of monks practicing hand to hand combat in an alley. At the time, Keven was unfamiliar with the ways of a monk, and he found their styles of combat fascinating. He found out that the monks here were planning on leaving in a month for a journey. Every day for the next month, Keven would meet the monks in the alley and practice with the monks learning their ways.

At the end of the month, the monk who seemed to be the leader of the group, a human named Ramsay, gave Keven a book to study from. The book detailed many fighting styles that Keven was to study. Ramsay said that in three years he would return, with a larger group of monks, to start a monastery in the city.

As the months and eventually years went by Keven would practice the moves in the book, honing his fighting style. His father was disappointed since he wanted Keven to follow in the family steps, by becoming a glass craftsman. His mother supported his training, but insisted that he kept up training with a bow as well. As a gift, she gave him a special masterwork composite longbow, engraved on the side was the family symbol, a shard of green glass.

In his 20’s now, Keven would often leave the city with caravans, traveling between Kraggodan and Fort Ramsgate. He enjoyed meeting new people, and seeing the sights, hoping one day to see Ramsay again. On one of these trips, he saw another caravan being raided by three bandits. Not being a fan of negotiating, Keven let loose several arrows, each striking the bandits as planned.

Keven looked into the caravan and discovered a man. The man introduced himself as Professor Petros Lorrimor and said he would never forget Keven’s actions here. Keven escorted the Professor to Kraggodan where they parted ways, but Keven felt he hadn’t heard the last of this Professor.

As more months passed by, Ramsay finally returned to the city with a large group of monks. Keven greeted him and discovered that they had received a permit to build a monastery on the outskirts of the city. For two long years, Keven helped build the monastery with the other monks. Rogar assisted with the windows and glass doors.

For the next two decades, Keven spent his time studying the ways of the monk, practicing combat and defending the monk’s way of life. Until one day when he received a summon, letting him know that the Professor that he had met all those years ago had passed away.

Keven Glasschief *RIP*

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