Elias Andresen


Elias Andresen is from the capitol of Lastwall, Vigil. Born into a small family, Elias’ father is a knight sworn to protect the city. Everyone knew him as Bardol the Powerful. Elias’ mother, Irmgard, worked in one of the cities’ many ranches that breeds warhorses. Elias’ brother, Finn, who is 8 years older than him, was part of the city guard.

At the age of 15, Elias wanted to be trained by his brother to join the city guard as well. Favoring a bow, Elias was given a shortbow to start with, but he quickly realized his skill far outmatched his brother’s. Soon after, Elias realized that he wanted to explore the lands, and not be confined to just protecting the same city for his entire life. He decided to start taking bounties, which made his family happy, since he was still serving the city, but also got to explore the country and see new sights. It also gave him a little bit of leniency to the law.

For one particular bounty, Elias brought in an assassin to be sentenced by the city guards. They rewarded him by giving Elias the assassin’s magical bow, which had the name Swiftwind engraved on the side of it.

Throughout the years Elias accepted many bounties and jobs for the city watch. His latest one, was to investigate sightings of undead, which allowed him to research the church of Pharasma.


Elias Andresen

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